Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc.
Serving the Amateur Rocketry  Community

Encouraging Amateur Rocketry to Educate the Public


Non-Member Individual Users and Entourage (1) (2): $10 per person on FAR Saturdays (See Home\Calendar).

Members: $35 per person per year with unlimited use on FAR Saturdays (See Home\Calendar).

Volunteers: free on FAR Saturdays (See Home\Calendar).

Groups, Scouts, and Universities (1) (2): $10 per person per day

Businesses and Government (2): $500 to $1,200 per day

Movies & Television (2): $500 to $750 per day

Competitions: Fees to be negotiated.

(1) Includes one night of camping.

(2) Fees are negotiable and can be adjusted on the ability to pay.

Because Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc. is a Nonprofit Corporation, we will gladly accept any additional money over the standard fees as a tax deductible donation.

Use of the FAR site is not open to the general public due to the fact that we do not have public display insurance to launch rockets.  Use of FAR site is considered to be a private event and is reserved for paid members, volunteers, and other individuals, businesses, and groups on an invitation basis and that pay a use fee.  Use of the FAR site without permission or invitation is considered tresspassing.

Disclaimer: Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc. (FAR) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  Any user can be asked to leave the property, if they are unsafe or refuse to follow the directions of the FAR Officers or Pyrotechnic Operator.