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In 2003 four guys Kevin Baxter an inventor, Fred Holmes a patent attorney, Mark Holthaus an electrical engineer, and Ted Rothaupt a mechanical engineer, came together to form the Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc. (FAR). Their goal was to encourage cooperation between individuals and groups involved in amateur rocketry. To this end, they purchased and developed FAR site, a ten-acre property which is a safe location to test and launch rockets.

FAR has since become a publicly supported nonprofit corporation recognized by the IRS. Its mission has expanded to educate the general public in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the use of amateur rocketry; and to foster rocket technology by supporting individuals, hobbyists, student groups, businesses, and other like-minded non-profit entities.  To date, FAR has worked with the Boy Scouts, hobbyists, university students, aerospace start ups, and the Mythbusters cable television show.

The FAR site is uniquely located under the R2508 controlled air space umbrella of Edwards Air Force Base, at the edge of a military supersonic corridor, many miles from any inhabited area.  This allows us to have a much higher launch altitude than most other locations in California. Our FAA Wavier allows rockets up to 9,208-lb. sec. total impulse.  Launch altitudes are up to 18,000-feet Monday through Friday and 50,000-feet on Saturday and Sunday.  We have also received all the necessary local, state, and federal licenses, allowing a user to test rocket technologies without the overhead found at government and military ranges.

In addition, we have pyrotechnic operators licensed by the California State Fire Marshal and the ATF to help you safely manufacture, store, set up, test, and launch rockets.  Our facility has a blockhouse, viewing bunkers, explosive magazines, fire fighting equipment, propellant storage, static test stands, and launch rails. Other facilities include: an assembly building, work shops, storage, sun shade, weather station, internet, electrical power, street lights (for night operations), non-potable water, restrooms, and camping.

We have an assortment of heavy equipment such as: all-terrain-forklift, skip loader, and boom crane to help with loading, unloading, and setup. For fabrication and assembly we have a lathe, mill, drill press, chop saw, grinder, and welder.  For safety, we have first aid, automatic defibrillator, oxygen, and a helipad for emergency evacuations.

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