Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc.
Serving the Amateur Rocketry  Community

Encouraging Amateur Rocketry to Educate the Public


Our site is a unique location that allows individuals to fabricate solid motors, static fire and launch rockets.  Individuals are personally supervised by our pyrotechnic operators and can network with other amateurs sharing experiences, technical information, fabrication tips, safety tips and procedures.  FAR has classes for individuals to become California licensed pyrotechnic operators. Periodically we hold classes on solid, hybrid, and liquid rocket propulsion design, fabrication, and testing.

Some of the individuals using FAR site:
Chris Munson,
Harold Duffy,
Robert Matevossian
Daniel Erwin,
Erik Gates,
Frank Kosdon,
Jeff Kent,
Jerry Irvine,
Paul Breed Jr.,
Paul Breed Sr.