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Master Blasters, Mini Cooper
Mythbusters, Miyng Dynasty Astronaut
The FAR site enables production companies to safely and inexpensively film reality shows that involve the testing and launching of rockets.

Television productions that have utilized FAR site:
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, Myng Dynasty Astronaut
Discovery Channel, Smash Labs, Runaway Trailer
Sci Fi Channel, Master Blasters, Mini Cooper Launch
SyFy Channel, Fact of Faked: Paranormal Files, White Sands UFO
History Channel, How Hard Can It Be?, Homemade Rocket
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, Fire Dragon
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, 10th Anniversary JATO Rocket Car
Discovery Channel, Mythbusters, Final Season, Rocket Show

Movie productions that have utilized FAR site:
The Well Movie LLC , The Well

Mythbusters, Fire Dragon
Grant, Kari, Mark & Tori