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Static Firing Request

WARNING: Do not follow GPS to FAR site from the North or drive on Koehn Dry Lake.  YOUR VEHICLE WILL GET STUCK IN THE SAND OR MUD OF THE LAKE BED.


This static firing request helps FAR manage its static test stands and pyrotechnic operators.  An early submittal will get you on the requested static test stand and have an appropriate pyrotechnic operator present.

Please use this form to cancel a previously submitted static firing request.  Select Static Firing Cancellation in the Request Type menu.

If you are not a member of FAR, we ask for a use fee for your use of the FAR test site.  Please check on the webpage \Customers\Fees for the use fee that applies to you.

If you are a new user of the FAR test site, you and your entourage are required to fill out the Liability Waiver before you arrive at the test site and bring it with you when you arrive at the test site.  Please fill out the form found on the webpage \Customers\Liability Waiver

Request Type:*

First Name:*

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Telephone Number:*

Firing Date:*

Number of Days:*

Total Number of People Attending:*

User Fee:*

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Quonset Hut Use:
 Drone Use:

Total Number of Firings:*

Thrust, Total Impulse Units:*

Motor Type:*

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Static Stand:*

Additional Information:


* Required Information

In the Additional Information section, please specify any ground support equipment, control box, data acquisition, ignition box, igniters, propellants, propellant handling equipment, black powder, and electric matches needed.  If you are using liquid propellants, please specify the fuel and oxidizer you plan to use.