Please fill out this use request form to request, change, or cancel a use request.

To use FAR site for activities other than a site visit, static firing, or launch, please submit this form.  Use this form to cancel this request.  Other uses for FAR site: dangerous component testing, high-pressure testing, pyrotechnics testing, filming/video production, mixing solid propellant, etc.

If you are not a member of FAR, we ask for a use fee for your use of the FAR test site. Please check on the Use Fee amount by selecting the category that applies to you.

Do not use this form to request a contact us, visit, launch, or static firing.

Please have each person planning to go to FAR Site as part of your group print, review, initial each section, sign the FAR User Agreement before they arrive at FAR Site, and bring it with them to FAR Site.

WARNING: Do not follow GPS to FAR Site from the North or drive on Koehn Dry Lake.  YOUR VEHICLE WILL GET STUCK IN THE SAND OR MUD OF THE LAKE BED.