1st Annual, Academic-Industry Liquid Rocket Symposium

Come out and join the Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Ventura Energy Systems, and the Tom Wathen Center at Flabob Airport in Jurupa, California (near the City of Riverside) for the 1st Annual, Academic-Industry Liquid Rocket Symposium. University and college students and rocket team faculty advisors are invited. This will be an all-day event on January 28, 2023. There will be 16 sessions relating to the safe preparation and testing of liquid rockets.

This event is now accepting college and university students at all levels (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors).

Local industry representatives are also invited to meet students who are potential part-time or full-time hires. Students and faculty advisors must preregister through this website to attend. The entry fee is $20 for each student and faculty advisor. Each school must limit their registrants to 10 people and will be limited on a first come, first served basis to 200 people. Industry representatives must also preregister through this website and their admission is free.

The students are encouraged to create a posterboard illustrating lessons learned that were encountered while engaged in liquid rocket activities. These posterboards will be on display for the duration of the event to share with industry representatives and peers.  Posterboard format and content must be submitted by December 31, 2022.

Students are also encouraged to bring a rocket, subsystem, or component relating to their rocket project for display.

Faculty advisors are invited to engage with other teams and learn more about liquid rocketry.

There will be pre-symposium coffee and donuts. A sack lunch will be supplied. An after-session barbeque social with hamburgers and hotdogs. There will be vegetarian and vegan options.

For more details, see below.

Rocket team leaders are encouraged to provide a list of up to 10 rocket team members and advisors, including themselves, if they are a qualified student. These team members will be given priority over other students from the same school. Each team member must register separately and pay through the link below.


  • Create a face-to-face forum where students developing rockets and rocket propulsion can:
    • Peer Network
    • Share Experiences and Lessons Learned
    • Network With Local Aerospace Companies
    • Develop Soft Skills of Professional Interactions
    • Learn Important Concepts of Liquid Propulsion
    • Witness Important Operations of Liquid Propellants
    • Connect Student Groups with Industry Advisors
    • Promote Flabob as an In-Town Fluid Testing Facility Available for Student Groups


  • January 28, 2023

Admission Fee

  • $20 per person pre-event registration (Faculty Advisors and Students)
  • Industry Representatives Free


  • Friends of Amateur Rocketry
  • Ventura Energy Systems
  • Tom Wathen Center



  • Students
    • Limit to Sophomores and Juniors who will be at the University for at least one year
    • Students are encouraged to submit and display a Lessons Learned Posterboard relating to their rocket project
    • Students are also encouraged to bring a rocket, subsystem, or component relating to their rocket project for display
  • Faculty Advisors
  • Limit 10 Students or Advisors per College and University
  • Limit 200 Students and Advisors Total
  • Local Aerospace Industry Representatives

Value to Attendees

  • The event is structured and located to allow the accessibility to students and the Southern California aerospace industry.
  • Industry attendees can meet promising hiring prospects.
  • Introduction to Flabob for pre-firing/pre-launch testing.

Event Schedule

  • Pre-Symposia Coffee:                         7am – 8am
  • Morning Session:                                8am – 12noon
  • Lunch:                                                 12noon – 1pm
  • Afternoon Session:                             1pm – 5pm
  • After Session Barbeque Social:           5pm – 7pm

Morning Sessions

  • Opening Statement
  • Pressure System Safety
  • Cryogenics
  • Oxygen Safety (LOX/GO2)
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Liquid Natural Gas
  • COPV Pressurization
  • Ground Support Electronics
  • Design to Cost

Afternoon Sessions (Live Demonstrations)

  • Proof Testing with Water
  • Rocket Water Flow Test
  • Cleaning
  • Ball Valve Preparation for Cryogenic Use
  • Propellant Loading/Unloading
  • Tank Burst Water versus Gas versus Cryogenic (BLEVE)
  • Safe, Arm, and Firing of Pyrotechnic Igniter
  • Closing Statement

Lessons Learned Posterboard

  • Students will display posterboards of liquid rocket projects with an emphasis on showing problems they have solved and the lessons that were learned.
  • Hardware displays are encouraged but not required.
  • Students will staff posterboards
    • 1 or more students during break times
    • Before and after sessions to answers questions
    • Interact with the community
  • Posterboards are arranged at the outer edge of the conference hall or outside space permitting.
  • Posterboard Content:
    • Public Domain
      • No Copyrighted Material
      • No Proprietary Information
      • No ITAR Information
  • Posterboard Format:
    • Description Of Problem Being Solved
    • What Was Done
    • Technical Data – Minimum of One Item, Graph, Table, Figure
    • Lessons Learned – Minimum of One
    • References – Minimum of One.
      • As many as were used are encouraged as this helps others find relevant technical data
      • References must be publicly available
      • No Captive Reports (In-House, Personal Communications)

Lessons Learned Posterboard Layout Due Date

  • December 31, 2022
  • PDF Format
  • E-Mail to office@friendsofamateurrocketry.org