John Newman, President
John, is "a jack-of-all-trades."  He is also a amateur rocket enthusiast.  John lives in Tehachapi, CA.


Ted Rothaupt, Secretary
Pyrotechnic  Operator, Rockets - Class 3. Ted is a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. Ted lives in Lancaster, CA.


Mark Holthaus, Treasurer
Pyrotechnic Operator, Rockets - Class 1.  Mark has been an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry since 1977.  His work experience includes: electronics, flight termination design, reliabilityanalysis and safety analysis.  He has been instrumental in acquiring all the local, state, and federal licenses, permits, and 501(c)3 nonprofit status for FAR.  He volunteers at California State University, Long Beach to mentor aerospace engineering students.  He has been active in amateur rocketry since 1997,  starting as a team member with the Spacefarer project. He is the lead pyrotechnic operator and head of safety for the FAR Site. Mark lives in Long Beach, CA.


Eric Beckner, Vice-President,
Eric is a heavy-equipment mechanic.  He is also a amateur rocket enthusiast.
Eric lives in Bakersfield, CA.