Members get to use FAR Site facilities on regularly scheduled FAR dates, first and third Saturday of each month, for one-year for a $35.00 membership fee. (Non-members pay $10.00 per person per day.) Members also get added to the FAR e-mail list and get notices of events and work parties.


To pay your membership on-line by Credit Card, ATM Card, or PayPal

Use the Subscribe button. It will create a yearly recurring membership payment of $35.

To cancel your yearly membership payment

Use the Unsubscribe button.

To pay your membership by check

Please complete the membership form, select Payment Type as Mail in Check, and submit it before writing and mailing in the check.

Make the check payable to: Friends of Amateur Rocketry, Inc.

Check amount:  $35

Mail check to: Friends of Amateur Rocketry Inc., 6890 E Lees Way, Long Beach, CA 90815