Rocket Groups

HART: Hornchurch Airfield Rocket Team

LUNAR: Livermore Unit National Association of Rocketry

MDARS: Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society

PRS: Pacific Rocket Society, A rocket society dedicated to experimental rocket research.

RRS: Reaction Research Society, A rocket society dedicated to experimental rocket research.

TRA: Tripoli Rocket Association, One of the largest High Power Rocket organizations in the USA.

NAR: National Association of Rocketry

ESRA:  The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association

Government and Regulating Agencies

ATF: Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, manages the explosives magazines at FAR site.

Federal Explosives Law and Regulations 2012 (ATF Publication 5400.7)

CSFM: California State Fire Marshall,  Whom issues the pyrotechnic operators license.

Fireworks Program
Fireworks Handbook 2011
Pyrotechnic Operator Application
Livescan Form
Reference Letter
Public Display Permit Application

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration, Regulates air traffic (i.e. when and how high you can fly your rocket)

14 CFR 101, FAA Amateur Rocket Regulations
FAA Form 7711-2

BLM: Bureau of Land Management, Ridgecrest Field Office

R-2508: Edwards Air Force Base, Range 2508; manages the controlled airspace above FAR site

KCEH: Kern County, Environmental Health; manages the chemicals stored at FAR site.

KCFD: Kern County Fire Department; issues the FAR site fire permits for explosives magazines and launching rockets.


General Kinetics: Experts in the use of hydrogen peroxide in many commercial and aerospace applications.

Pyrotechnic Innovations:  Information about professional fireworks, fireworks videos, a photo gallery, pyrotechnic research, upcoming fireworks displays, online fireworks training, and how to become part of a professional fireworks display crew.








Cal Poly Pamona

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Stanford University: Candle wax is rocket science: Paraffin fuels test launch


Jacob's Rocketry: Jeff Jakob's rocketry website.

Public Service Links, A great guide on quitting smoking for IT professionals.

American Lung Association, Supports quitting smoking for health benefits.