The FAR site provides an excellent place to camp.  This site is cleared of brush and is relatively flat, which allows you to pitch tents and have campfires.  The site also has potable water for dishwashing.  Since the site is located in a valley shielded by two mountains blocking nearby city lights, the night is unusually clear with little light pollution promoting stargazing.

FAR Camping Rules

  1. Camping is only allowed in the designated camping area. Park and camp on the East side of the viewing bunkers and North of the cargo containers.
  2. Bring camping gear and clothing appropriate for the weather.
  3. Bring plenty of drinking water.
  4. It is advisable to not sleep directly on the ground. Sleep in a tent or on a cot. (There are snakes, spiders, rats, and scorpions about.)
  5. Trash
    • Control wrappers, bags, and paper so they don't fly away.
    • Pick up trash and take it home with you.
    • Do not leave any camping equipment behind (damaged or otherwise).
    • Do not dump food, food wrappers, or peelings on the ground.
  6. Campfires
    • Ask a FAR person before starting a campfire.
    • Campfires allowed only in the FAR fire pits.
    • Do not use dirt to put out fires in fire pits, use water from the water buffalo.
    • No large campfires.
    • Bring your own wood for a campfire.
    • Do not burn any wood found on the site unless it is marked as firewood.
    • No burning of trash, plastic or glass bottles, or cans in campfires or trash barrels.
  7. Lights out and no noise after 12-midnight. (There may be other people there.)
  8. No motorcycles, fireworks, guns, or explosives.
  9. If you bring a dog, pick up their poop.