FAR Site is a unique location that allows individuals to fabricate solid motors, static fire and launch rockets. Individuals are personally supervised by our pyrotechnic operators and can network with other amateurs sharing experiences, technical information, fabrication tips, safety tips and procedures. FAR has classes for individuals to become California licensed pyrotechnic operators. Periodically we hold classes on solid, hybrid, and liquid rocket propulsion design, fabrication, and testing.

FAR Site allows the instructors, mentors, students, and pyrotechnic operators to interact. The students are able to static test and launch their engineering projects. The student gets to experience hardware checkout, test setup, propellant loading, perform test procedures, use personal safety protective equipment, observe the test or launch, tracking, and participate in rocket recovery. Universities can bring advanced technologies to the site and test their viability. Technologies previously tested and flown include: composite liquid oxygen tanks, aerospike rocket engines, and rapid response.

FAR Site is a safe place where Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can come to campout, have camp fires, and experience testing and launching rockets. During the daytime, the scouts can launch model rockets and watch larger test firings and launches. At night the sky is very clear and dark which allows excellent stargazing. Other activities can include hiking, map and compass exercises.

Business and Government Agencies
Small, medium, and large companies and government agencies have used FAR Site. This site has the unique capability to allow hazardous testing. Test stands are provided for both vertical, horizontal, and inverted static firing of rocket motors. Small, medium, and large launch rails and racks are supplied for launching rockets. High-pressure gases (nitrogen, helium, air, etc.) and cryogens (liquid nitrogen, oxygen, methane, etc.) can be delivered by Praxair and safely stored at FAR Site for testing.

Movies and Television
FAR Site enables production companies to safely and inexpensively film reality shows that involve the testing and launching of rockets.

The Friends of Amateur Rocketry support competitions that utilize rocket motor testing or rocket launches that help promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).