Getting Started

Estes Rocketry: Supplier of model rockets and rocket motors.

Apogee Rockets: Supplier of model rocket components, kits, motors, and instruction.

Liquid Fuel Rocket Motor: How to Design, Build, and Test Small Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engines, by Rocketlab. (Updated version.)

Rocket Mime: Rocket equations.

Nakka Rocketry: Rocket equations and theory.


Newman Propulsion: Solid Propellant Classes. Telephone: (661) 301-3834

Rocket Supplies

Estes Rockets: Supplier of model rockets and rocket motors.

Apogee Rockets: Supplier of high-power rocket components, kits, motors, and instruction.

Giant Leap Rocketry: Supplier of model and high-power rocket components.

Missile Works: Supplier of high-power rocketry parts.

Performance Hobbies: Supplier of high-power rocket parts.

Wildman Rocketry: Supplier of rocket motors and rocket supplies.

Madcow Rocketry: Supplier of high-power rocket parts.

Public Missiles: Supplier of large high-power rockets and parts.

Aerotech Rocketry: Manufacturer of rocket motors.

Rattworks: Manufacturer and distributor of hybrid rocket engines.

Recovery and Parachutes

Perfect Flight: Recovery electronics.

Eggtimer Rocketry: Recovery electronics and GPS rocket tracking that you assemble yourself. Telephone: (626) 549-0013

Aerocon Systems: Supplier of new and surplus rocket parts and parts to be used for rockets. Supplier of Ratworks parachute releases.

The Rocketman: Manufacturer and supplier of parachutes, drogue chutes, and parachute bags.

Fruity Chutes: Supplier of parachutes, drogue chutes, parachute bags, and parachute harnesses.

Fruity Chutes Parachute Descent Rate Calculator

Electric Matches and Pyrotechnics

Firefox Enterprises: Supplier of pyrotechnic chemicals.

MJG Technologies: Manufacturer and supplier of electric matches and igniters.

Quick Burst: Supplier of electric matches and igniter.

Skylighter: Supplier of pyrotechnic chemicals.

Electronics and Transducers

DigiKey: Electronic parts and pressure transducers.

Radio Shack, Jameco, and All Electronics: Electronic parts.

Omega: Thermocouples, digital pressure transducers, and load cells.

Tucana Systems: Supplier of AmCell load cells.

Hardware, Tools, Hoses, and Pressure Fittings

Home Depot and Lowe's: For alcohol, general hardware, and tools.

Ace Hardware: Hardware, screws, plumbing, and tools.

Harbor Freight and Sears: Tools.

McMaster-Carr: Supplier of valves, AN-fittings, MS-size O-rings, springs, metal, screws, hardware, pressure relief valves, etc.

Grainger: Supplier of valves, chemicals, screws, hardware, stainless steel fire extinguishers, etc.

Swagelok: Manufacturer and supplier of Swagelok tube fittings.

Titan Fittings: Supplier of single and double lock tube fittings. Supplier of NPT pipe fittings.

AN Plumbing, Speedway Motors, and Pegasus Auto Racing: Supplier of AN fittings, hoses, filters, etc.

Deering Industries: AN-fittings, custom hoses, custom bellows hoses, specialty fittings, and specialty welding.

Seco Seals: 37-degree flared aluminum and copper conical seals.

Generant: Supplier of pressure relief valves.

Bimba: Custom pneumatic actuators.

Solenoid Valves

Gems Sensor & Controls: Supplier of miniature solenoid valves and pressure transducers.

McMaster-Carr: Supplier of solenoid valves.

Specialty Rocket Components and Equipment

Newman Propulsion: Solid motor casings, custom load cells, liquid engines, custom data acquisition boxes, ignition boxes, custom launch rails, etc. Telephone: (661) 301-3834

Industrial Gases and Liquid Oxygen

Praxair (now Linde), Linde Gas & Equipment, Airgas, and WestAir: Suppliers of industrial gases like helium and nitrogen, liquid oxygen, pressure regulators, and gauges.


Electro-Tech Machining: Graphite rod materials for rocket motor nozzles, EDM services for removing broken drill bits in aluminum injectors.

Composite Materials, Resins, and Supplies

Airtech International: Vacuum bagging material, peel ply, breather, and pressure sensitive tape.

West Marine: Fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, fillers, and putties.

Cotronics: Silica, ceramic, and phenolic tape.

Aircraft Spruce: Fiberglass cloth, carbon cloth, epoxy resin, cloth tape, filler, mold release, AN-fittings, and hardware.

Metals and Cutting Tools

Newman Tools: AN port cutting tools.

M & K Metals: Aluminum tubes and angle.

Industrial Metal Supply (IMS): Aluminum tubes, plate, rod, and angle. Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, and brass as tubes, bars, pipes, rods, sheets, and more.